The Best 5 Day Workout Routine To Build Muscle

When starting out in the gym, most of us take out precious time to build muscle and get that perfect physique. While some trainers would recommend you to work out six days a week, lifting as heavy as you can. In reality, its a little more complicated than that to gain muscle. Most learned trainers would recommend a 5 day workout routine to build muscle. The 5 day workout routine to build muscle will get you better results in a shorter time, and have you looking in the best shape in no time. Here’s how you can go about the routine.

The 5 Day Workout Routine To Build Muscle In A Gist

5 Day Workout Routine To Build Muscle

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In this training concept we divide our training into 5 different days. Each individual muscle group is dedicated to a full day, so you can train the body once a week.

Usually a training week in the 5 split looks like this:

  • Monday: chest / stomach
  • Tuesday: legs / calves
  • Wednesday: back / stomach
  • Thursday: Free
  • Friday: shoulders / neck
  • Saturday: arms / calves
  • Sunday: Free

Belly and calves are smaller muscle groups, which you can easily and often burden more easily, so you also integrated these in the training sessions. The principle is simply explained: On each training day you train exactly one primary muscle group and possibly adds belly / calves. For example, you would not train your back with chest. The meaning behind it is that one loads the muscle rather heavily once a week, than only moderately two times. This promises a more intense muscle stimulation and consequently better muscle growth.

Who Is The 5 Day Workout Routine To Build Muscle For?

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The 5-split training plan requires a lot of experience and also a certain level of strength, so that you can apply the required intensity during training. Remember: Since we train the muscle only once a week, we have to set a very strong stimulus. This is only possible if we train very intensively.

Therefore, the 5-split for advanced level with increased muscle is recommended. The more hypertrophied a muscle is (the larger it is), the more regeneration it needs. A beginner will not be able to do much damage to his muscle, as there is not much muscle left.In addition, a 5-split also requires a certain degree of safety and routine in the movement patterns, which is not yet available for beginners. As part of a full-body workout or 2-split workout plan, these should first perfect the basic exercises.

Exercise Selection

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Since we assume a classic bodybuilding style split of 5, your plan should include a lot of machine training and isolation exercises. Ronny Rockel recently said that he has been relying on machine training for quite some time, as he can concentrate fully on weight. In machines, the movement is already predetermined, so the chance is higher, that you really hit the target muscle during training. Dealing with free weights requires a certain degree of coordination and coordination with one’s own physical conditions.

This is not to say that you should ban dumbbells and dumbbells, but a classic bodybuilder, in fact, is mainly focused on machine training. How you weigh the ratio is ultimately up to you.Maybe you remember the advice that beginners do not need isolation exercises. The situation is quite different with the 5 split. Isolation exercises are almost mandatory here. Always remember that your goal is to maximize muscle exhaustion. Insulation exercises help immensely.

Repetitions and Pauses

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More volume correlates with more muscle growth in studies – that’s exactly what bodybuilders take advantage of with the 5-split. 20 years for the big muscle parts search as chest or back to maximize their stimulation.

However, you can stick to the following guidelines:

  • Legs, back, chest: 12-16 sets in total
  • Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders: 9-12 sets in total

Smaller muscle groups need less stimulation to be exposed to a growth stimulus. The repetition range is in the range 8-12, so propagate the most professionals. This area is a healthy balance between strength training and strength training in which the muscle fibers are maximally damaged. This leads to optimal muscle growth. The break times are usually not mandatory. Many athletes pause intuitively and start the next set when they feel ready. While the advanced athlete can not do that, this newcomer method is not recommended.

Therefore, follow these guidelines for breaks:

  • Basic exercises: 2 minutes
  • Multi-joint exercises: 90 seconds
  • Isolation exercises: 60 seconds

Generally speaking, the breaks should be a bit too short, rather than too long. The goal is, after all, to exhaust the muscle maximally, so you may like to start the next sentence, if you are still a little out of breath.

If you are a beginner, then you should definitely check out this ideal gym workout plan for weight loss beginners.

Advantages Of The 5 Day Workout Routine

  • Regeneration.

Since we only charge the muscle once a week, he also has seven days to recover. In most cases this is more than sufficient, so that the risk of overtraining is greatly reduced. But watch out: It is quite possible to overload a muscle so much that it does not completely regenerate in 7 days!

  • Train like the pros.

Let’s face it, who does not celebrate the training and motivational videos of Markus Rühl, Branch Warren or Ronnie Coleman? If you watch these monsters, how intense they train, you want to instantly and without detours in the studio iron iron – preferably the same as they do. The vast majority of professionals train for a 5 split and adopting the training concept of his idols can be very motivating. Mind you only the concept, not the whole plan.

  • Higher intensity per muscle group.

It may well happen that you hardly get sore muscles or feel your target muscles properly in the context of a 3-splits. Sore muscles are not a prerequisite for muscle growth, but does not it give you the feeling of having properly trained? Do not you want to feel the training of the day before in the muscle fibers? Exactly that is feasible with the 5-split, since we load the muscle once very intensively, instead of 2 times only moderately.


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