Top 15 fitness tips for men!

fitness tips for men

Do you feel that your workout is not going on? Your services are stagnating? Then our 20 fitness tips for men are right for you. Small tip, great effect: Simple fitness tips and tricks can help you make a breakthrough when you have the feeling that it is just not working at all. With our 20 best fitness tips for men, we have summarized the most important tricks. Pick the right ones out and build them into your daily workout. The result is a package with over 15 great tips for those men who want to stay fit. Here we go!

15 Easy Fitness tips for men

Do Sit-ups!

Yes, exactly, you have read correctly! We make a strong commitment to the revival of this wrongly outlawed exercise. If you regularly perform sit-ups, the abdominal muscles can work harder and more specifically. The prerequisite, however, is that you do not fix the legs. If anyone has back problems, he can makes his crunches easily on a fitness ball. Another alternative is to put a mat and put a curled towel under the lower back!


Throw away the expired shoes

Running shoes should be patterned at the latest after 750 kilometers – otherwise injuries may occur (eg bony skin inflammations on the shin). Please write your personal shoe lifetime date immediately after purchase. Calculate the due date (in weeks) by dividing 750 by your weekly mileage.

Less brings more

Much does not always help much. If your training exceeds the 60 minutes, your body begins to pour cortisol out. This stress hormone blocks the testosterone production and thus hinders the desired muscle growth. Therefore, do not train for more than 60 minutes without a break.

Length of the breaks

The length of the breaks determines the effectiveness of the training. The rule is: Two minutes is the absolute maximum, better if you catch only 30 seconds. This is already sufficient for the muscles to recover sufficiently for a new use. By the way, the training time can be shortened by a whopping 20 percent.

Avoid the injury while using weights

If you have weights above head height (as with shorts triceps), you should tighten your butt. The resultant higher body tension stabilizes the spine, reduces the risk of injury in the lower back.

Run smoothly to avoid injuries

To avoid injury, you should consider the mileage. Increase your jogging round by only 10 to 15 percent per week. If the running distance increases rapidly every week the  he risk of overloading injuries will also increase.

Bring variety to your workout

Prevent setting a permanent training routine! Then you will escape not only from boredom, but also constantly put new training excitements. Try new exercises and tighter workout conditions at regular intervals of three to four weeks.

Weigh your fluid requirement

As soon as the temperature rises, our homes becomes incubators. On such days you should be on the balance before and after the workout. The difference between both measurements corresponds to the loss of fluid by sweating and should be compensated as quickly as possible. Keep yourself well hydrated throughout the day in summers.

fitness tips for men

Leave the extra accessories

There are training accessories, which should be reserved for the performance athletes. For example, if you are in the gym with a leather weight lifting belt and are not struggling for the Olympics, the corset is better off. Its meaning is fulfilled only by extreme loads (and when strapped as closely as possible). Otherwise, you only risk that your trunk muscles become weaker.

Breathe heavily while exercising

If you train crunches again, you should breathe heavily at the time of the maximum contraction (ie at the highest point of the movement). Your abdominal muscles are thus placed under tension and the contraction intensified.

Strong leg performance

In order to train your legs properly, you should lure your calf muscles with different exercises. The upper calf part is used for exercises with straight legs (while standing), while the lower, lateral part of the muscles is addressed by sitting sets (with angled knee joints).

Schedule Appointments

Important appointments with friends, job meetings, rendezvous with great women – all of this you write down very carefully in your timer. Only your fitness dates will find no place. Pity! For this reason, longer training pauses quickly sneak in, and long-awaited progress leads to a corresponding delay. Think of your training as a miracle: too little is not enough, too much is harmful, only the right dose leads to the dream body. So take out the time to workout from your busy schedules to get the fit body.

Look Ahead

Start each new training set with a countdown. This allows you to move your muscles during the last repetitions better.

Always stay motivated

Set ambitious but realistic targets to motivate yourself in unfavorable circumstances (for example fatigue) for running training. In order for a successful experience to occur, you should divide a large project like a marathon into individual intermediate targets.

No Pain, No Gain

Sure, the top priority during training is to avoid pain. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you will not be able to get around a light muscle ache in the first time.

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